Her er siste oppdatering fra Haiti: 

Going outside today, the destination is Marigot and other to do visual inspections, it was impossible to get outside yesterday.

I have heard from Bois Negress that they have lost many crops as in all places, banana plantations the school is reported to have suffered damage to 3 rooms and a tree fell on the roof. Many families have lost their roofs.
I have spoken to Hesse and they say it is bad, I will get details soon.

The problem will be short term food availability. I am working on a request for 4000 food kits @ $50.00 each. Also, 350 pieces of metal roofing, goats to replace those killed by the storm are needed.

Today I will also continue the effort to contact each project leader and get a good status report. The airport is closed for the next 24 to 48 hours.
Tony Boursiquot, Star of Hope Haiti

Star of Hope comments..
Hurricane Matthew ripped through Haiti affecting 25% of the country and destroyed the key bridge linking Port-Au-Prince to the west. Many tent city residents fled to higher ground, some say 10,000 or more are double displaced, flood heights were reported to be more than 6 feet in many areas.

Immediate and short-term food shortage are the main concern for Star of Hope and the country of Haiti. Livestock was especially vulnerable and many were lost or perished.

Cholera is a concern that must be monitored as well. The infrastructure is damaged so delivery of foodkit will be more than a challenge.

As Tony mentioned, assessments will be made and we will have a better analysis in 12 to 24 hours. As of this time no deaths or serious injuries are reported to Star of Hope Staff or students.

It is vital to raise funds now.

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