Matutdelingen på Haiti fortsetter til de orkanrammede. Marigot er en av landsbyene Star of Hope jobber som har blitt hardest rammet. Menneskene har mistet alt av avlinger og dyr. Her er siste rapport fra Tony på Haiti etter utdelingen i Marigot:

Marigot is coastal village were the economy is base largely on farming and fishing and the most affected area in the South East of Haiti.  Their lost is enormous.

People in the community have seen their banana plantations, their goats, pigs, cows, fishing  boats gone, washed by the big waves and the overflowed rivers.

Yesterday, October 24th,  we have been in Marigot for the humanitarian food distribution.  This time the distribution took place inside the church yard with local authorities and local organization support. The truck was loaded from the food supplier with 625 kits of 45kg each to Marigot.  We were obliged to unload the truck and put the food inside the church from where we distributed the food. The distribution started at 2:00 PM and ended at 5:00. It took 3 hours to serve 625 people with food coupon inside the gate. They are so many behind the gate that we served group of 100 people at a time inside the gate.  Each victim give back the coupon to get a kit of 45kg of food: rice, sugar, beans, cooking oil, spaghetti and can of fish to feed their family for 1 month.

Elders, pregnant and handicap people have been served first, then women and men at the end.

So Star of hope provide emergency food to 625 victims in Marigot to feed an average of 3750 people that are in great need of food after Hurricane Matthew passage in southeast that is considered as the most devastating hurricane that hit Haiti. All families were very happy as since the hurricane, with nothing to exchange or sale at the market, life as started to be tough for them.

For instance Madam Gesper (Therese) , one of the beneficiary of the food distribution,  is a mother to 8 children and has no husband, talked to say  that together with her 2 older sons, they have worked together the family land this year by planting it all bananas.  Therese was confident that the harvest of this year will be good.  But, hurricane Matthew passed by and destroyed their banana’s plantation down to the ground leaving them with nothing to even feed their families.   Therese also lost a cow, taken by the river.  But she said, as far as she is alive and with the food assistance she get, she hopes one day soon she will find help and force to work to restart farming again.

The next distribution is schedule to take place in Hesse today at 2:00 this  evening. As soon as we have done it, we send you all a report.

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