Vårt Haiti-team jobber fortsatt for å få ut nødhjelp, 4. november var vi i Boyer. Her er rapporten fra Tony:

The 8th humanitarian food distribution by Star of Hope took place in Boyer on November 4th.  604 food kits were delivered inside the school yard. The targeted groups were the families of the children who attend the school, the members of the church, and the households around the school and church.

The food kits were transported in unmarked trucks to the area safely. A kit is made up of 25lb of rice, 10lb of pinto beans, 10 lb of sugar, 6 bags or spaghetti, 4 cans of fish, and1/2 gallon of cooking oil. We estimate that the kit should last a family of 6 people around ~4 weeks if they us the food only for dinner.

As of all the previous distributions, food coupons were delivered door to door to each targeted house the days before the distribution.

The slogan remains the same: “One coupon in one house”. The goal was to prevent more than one kit to entire a household. We wanted to touch as many families as possible, 604.

This distribution went very well as did the previous ones. It was a team-work effort between Star of hope and local leaders to carry out the food distribution to the victims with absolute respect and dignity. The distribution started at 10 AM and ended at 11:30. So in less than 2 hours we served 604 people effectively and safely.

Local authorities and police were invited to be present and to assure the security of the food and the people. All the recipients were very appreciative and happy.  They were mainly happy with the quantity, the quality, and safe atmosphere during the distribution.

We treated the recipients with upmost respect and they responded in kind who send thanks and gratitude to Star of hope and its generous donors. 

I will also mention that we were blessed to have Larry Boursiquot (my little brother) as a volunteer for the last 10 days. He is going back to the USA this Sunday. We will miss him dearly. The help and support he provided was extraordinary.


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